Spotlight on Students

"Starting out as an English major exposed me to the world of gender analysis, which soon became an everyday part of my life--the way I thought, the way I spoke, and the way I perceived interactions, ranging from my personal life to global issues. What started out as an interest that enhanced my discipline became a passion," said Sandra. "There's not an aspect of my education that I don't bring what I have learned in the Women's and Gender Studies Program into. Gender, along with race and class, is inseparable from every aspect of academics, and for that matter, life. Using gender as a way to interpret and analyze has enhanced my critical thinking skills. It has encouraged me to use my academic knowledge and skills and put them into action. "At OU I have really enjoyed meeting other students as well as the amazing faculty in both the English department and the Women's and Gender Studies program. It has been an absolutely life-changing experience to learn and to be engaged with such thoughtful, original, challenging and praxis-oriented people.I enjoyed being in the Vagina Monologues and participating in the Stop the Violence Campaign for the women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I would absolutely love to contribute and participate in more activist-oriented activities, events and campaigns. It is one of the things that makes the Women's and Gender Studies Program stand out at OU--their commitment to the community, locally and internationally. After graduation, I am very interested in working with women internationally, especially in developing nations, perhaps with a focus on humanitarian work. I would love to combine my experiences in English and Women's and Gender Studies to write about my experiences as well as the experiences of women I meet and hope to help along the way."