Andreea Marculescu
Department of Women's and Gender Studies
University of Oklahoma
Cate 4, Room 481

Andreea Marculescu is a Lecturer in Women’s and Gender Studies. She got her PhD in French Literature from Johns Hopkins and her MPhil in Medieval Studies from Utrecht University. Before teaching at OU, Andreea was a Visiting Assistant Professor of French at UC Irvine and an ACLS New Faculty Fellow at Harvard University. Andreea’s work is interdisciplinary in scope and focuses on the history of psychiatry and narratives of mental illnesses in medieval and early-modern European literature, disability studies, history of witchcraft and demonology, affect studies and emotions. Andreea’s work has been supported by the American Council of Learned Societies, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the Charles Singleton Center for the Study of pre-Modern Europe at Johns Hopkins University.



Vulnerable Bodies: Demonic Possession, Transcorporeality, and Performance in Medieval Drama (under contract)

Edited Book

Affective and Emotional Economies in pre-Modern Europe, co-edited with Charles-Louis Morand Métivier (in progress).

Peer Reviewed Articles 

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Chapters in Edited Books

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